CRBB 1.0 outputs

CRBB 1.0

  • A Practical Guide to be used by professionals when visiting centres where children are being deprived of their liberty, particularly juvenile detention facilities will be published. It intends to be a tool for all institutions in charge of ensuring the monitoring of these centres. However, it could also be used by governments or by staff to assess their institutions and verify their work and procedures. The Guide draws on the unique experience of all monitoring bodies to help develop a new set of standards in states with the urgent need for clearer guidance.
  • The drawing up of an explanatory brochure of the Guide is also included as part of the project. This brochure will have more widespread distibution; to many national and supranational institutions as well as to other key actors. The brochure will be an introduction to the Guide for monitoring places where children are deprived of liberty. It will contain the description of the Guide, the intended target audience, etc. in addition to other practical aspects (how to acquire it, where to get further information, the website address, etc.).
  • general report compiling the results of 14 national research projects on the implementation of monitoring mechanisms in places where minors are deprived of their liberty. 
  • 14 national research reports defining the international and national frameworks on the monitoring of places in which juveniles are deprived of their liberty; showing the functioning and effects produced by existing control and monitoring mechanisms; and which demonstrate the good practices of these mechanisms, yet also the main obstacles and issues faced. These national reports also include recommendations that aim to improve the monitoring of places where minors are deprived of their liberty in order to better guarantee respect for children's rights.
  • A website provides information on the project and access to all relevant materials (e.g. the Guide, the brochure, the 14 national reports, the general report, and useful links and reference documents, including related legislation and publications). The website will also display follow-up actions to be implemented in light of the upcoming Guide. 
  • final conference will take place on the 15 February 2016 in the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels, Belgium, bringing together representatives from all EU member states, other UN and EU representatives from the monitoring bodies, as well as representatives from the ENOC. The main objective of this conference is to present, promote and distribute the Practical Guide. 
  • Several activities (e.g. presentations, training) allowing for the principles of the Guide to be put into practice in real situations, at both national and international levels. 
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About the project

"Children's Rights Behind Bars" aims at improving the implementation of international juvenile justice standards to protect the rights and needs of children deprived of their liberty.

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