"European Overview" Report

The common report of the European project, "Children’s Rights Behind Bars. Human rights of children deprived of liberty: improving monitoring mechanisms" is designed to draw together the data from the national research that was conducted by partner states to demonstrate the different monitoring and complaint models. The data illustrates the advantages and disadvantages of the different systems, and gives indicative trends. All data included in this report is the result of international work carried out by the partners.

The main aim of this report is to assist the project coordination team, in making the connection between the national research and the European Practical Guide by using practical information gathered through the national research to provide the Guide with the best practices which may become a source of inspiration, while also identifying major or recurring problems.

This common report has to be read and interpreted in light of the core principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, namely the best interest of the child, his or her protection and participation without any discrimination, and in compliance with the relevant international and European legal framework. Moreover, it is worth highlighting that the implementation of any monitoring and complaint mechanisms needs to follow the spirit of child-friendly justice and specifically needs to comply with the guidelines on child-friendly justice adopted by the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on 17 November 2010.

This report does not attempt to be exhaustive or universally applicable. The aim is to assess, to the greatest extent the national reports allow, the effectiveness of monitoring and complaint mechanisms in places of deprivation of liberty for minors in Europe. The ultimate goal of this project is to improve respect for the human rights of children deprived of liberty.

The definition of deprivation of liberty used in the rapport includes all places/institutions where children are placed/detained by virtue of a public authority and are not able to leave at will.

Download the report "European Overview" here

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About the project

"Children's Rights Behind Bars" aims at improving the implementation of international juvenile justice standards to protect the rights and needs of children deprived of their liberty.

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