Children's empowerment

This section presents the outputs produced by the four CRBB2.0 partners in the key area of action "child participation and information". Most of these tools are in their national language. However, information in English on how to develop them can be found in the handbook in chapter 3.b (page 37).

The objective is to enhance the protection of children deprived of liberty by pomoting their effective and genuine participation in the improvement of their detention conditions and in the enforcement of their rights.

Defence for Children International - Belgium

The Belgian team developed specific tools on the right to information (see page 37 of the handbook for more information) and on the right to participation  (see page 42 of the handbook for more information).

Right to information

The comic strip on the rights and duties of juveniles deprived of liberty in public closed institution of the French-speaking Community of Belgium:

IPPJ - Comment ça marche ? for boys (download file here)                 IPPJ - Comment ça marche ? for girls (download file here)

image-BD IPPJ Mimage-BD IPPJ F

(comic book's design: Valéry Pirlot) 

As a complementary device to the comic strip, an audio recording is provided to children deprived of liberty. It includes :

- introduction and explanations Octicons-unmute svg on the audio recording by a juvenile deprived of liberty

- interviews of a juvenile judge, a lawyer specialised in juvenile justice, the ombudsman for children, a representative of the public administration and a member of the educational staff (please click on the following images to listen to the audio track);

juvenile judge    lawyer     DGDE          AGAJ        dlgue SPJ

       Juvenile judge                        Lawyer                    Ombudsman for children          Public administration         A member of the educational staff

- 3 thematic tracks on topics considered as very important by the children who took part in the workshops; and

Right to participation Octicons-unmute svg                      Right to privacy Octicons-unmute svg                    Reintegration project Octicons-unmute svg    

- 4 rap extracts written by the juveniles and sang by a professional rapper:

Papa me disait Octicons-unmute svg             Le juge me fait purger Octicons-unmute svg             Je suis enfermé mais je garde des droits Octicons-unmute svg             Moi, j'avais pas le choix Octicons-unmute svg

Right to participation

Posters (in French and in English) related to the workshops on the right to participation including techniques such as improvisation, speech circle and collective intelligence

Training module for professionals(author: Emilie Brébant)


Defence for Children International - Italy

Hip-hop songs written by juveniles (see page 48 of the handbook for more information):

The lyrics of the song "Pen and Paper" can be downloaded here

 You can watch the video clip here:


The lyrics of the song "Forgotten" can be downloaded here

You can watch the video clip here:


The recommendations from the workshops with children can be downloaded here


The video documentary "Voci da Dentro" ("Voices from the inside") presents the experience of the CRBB2.0 project with children deprived of liberty and collects their views and opinions. Trailer:



Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights

A poster including easy accessible instructions for children on their rights and information on how to address a complaint (see page 54 of the handbook for more information):

The version of the poster for girls can be downloaded here

The version of the poster for boys can be dowloaded here in Polish and here in English



The Howard League for Penal Reform

For more information on the outputs produced hereundere please refer to page 57 of the handbook.

Participation workshops methodology

Advice line leaflet

Child-friendly leaflet on children's rights in detention








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About the project

"Children's Rights Behind Bars" aims at improving the implementation of international juvenile justice standards to protect the rights and needs of children deprived of their liberty.

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