Europese conferentie

De Europese conferentie, gehouden op 15 februari 2016 in het Europees Economisch en Sociaal Comité (EESC) te Brussel, beoogde voornamelijk de presentatie, promotie en verspreiding van de Praktisch Gids inzake monitoring over plaatsen waar kinderen van hun vrijheid zijn beroofd. Een groot aantal experten terzake kwamen aan het woord (klik hier voor de verslagen van hun presentaties) waarna er ook een interactie met het publiek plaatsvond. Foto’s over het gebeuren liggen verzameld in een online galerie. Alle bijkomende informatie over deze conferentie liggen ter beschikking op een speciale webpagina

Leading Partner

Defence for Children – Belgium is the Belgian section of the non-governmental organization (NGO) Defence for Children International (DCI), whose goal is to promote and protect children’s rights at a local, regional, national and global level.

With 50 national sections (located in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific, Europe, and North and South America), DCI implements specific programs to defend children’s rights in the following areas: health, education, participation of children, violence against women, child trafficking, sexual abuse and prostitution, migration, children within armed conflicts, child labour and juvenile justice.

The International Secretariat, which is located in Geneva, Switzerland, ensures the Movement’s representation within the United Nations and the international community. It also stands as an international advocate of greater respect for children’s rights, mainly in the field of juvenile justice. Additionally, the International Secretariat guarantees cooperation between the different branches, including the regional offices of the Movement.

DCI-Belgium was created in 1991 and joined the international movement in 1992. The four main areas of intervention for the Belgian section are: juvenile justice, migrant children, the right to expression and the right to education. The team that is working on the EU project is composed of :

Benoit Van Keirbilck: Director of DCI-Belgium and president of the international movement, supervisor of the CRBB project
Sarah Grandfils: Coordinator of the CRBB project, juvenile justice expert
Andrea Salcedo: Financial and administrative management of the CRBB project
Pierre-Yves Rosset: Juvenile justice officer of the CRBB project
Justine Minot: Communication assistant, in charge of the CRBB project's communication (July 2015 - February 2016)

People who were involved in the CRBB project:

• Marine Braun: Juvenile justice officer of the CRBB project (April 2014 - February 2015)
• Ioanna Gimnopoulou (March 2014 - September 2014) and Natascha Delahaut (October 2014 - June 2015): Communication assistants
, in charge of the CRBB project's communication

With respect to juvenile justice, at national level, DCI-Belgium has worked in the field of juvenile justice for many years, seeking to improve respect for the rights of children in the justice system and especially in all types all centres and places where they are deprived of their liberty. One of the ways to reach this objective is to ensure the proper monitoring of these detention facilities. DCI has established close collaboration with all the monitoring mechanisms at the international level and nationally where DCI has a section (50 countries, of which 7 are in Europe).

At the international level, DCI also works in close collaboration with several international NGOs working in the field (for example OMCT, PRI, TDH, OIJJ, etc.). DCI is a member of and hosts the Permanent Secretariat of the Interagency Panel on Juvenile Justice (which brings together several UN agencies and international NGOs).  


About the project

"Children's Rights Behind Bars" aims at improving the implementation of international juvenile justice standards to protect the rights and needs of children deprived of their liberty.

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